Welcome to my website, my name is Larissa and I Am the founder & owner of I Am Happy, I Am Here.

I started this business in 2018 after using blank notebooks as gratitude journals for over 10 years. 

I lost my father in my teens and during that time I tried many things to help me along my journey. One of the things that I did was focus on gratitude. I would wake up each day and remind myself “I Am Happy, I Am Here”. I felt this helped me through that time & has been something that I have been doing ever since.

My goal for this business was to have a gratitude journal that was not only beautiful but something that was meaningful. I wanted questions set out in the journals that could be answered first thing of a morning and last thing at night. Having the questions set out motivates me to continue to write in it every day.

I also wanted to help others in thinking outside the box when writing in their gratitude journal, so I created the 14 day gratitude challenge. This gives you 14 different topics with explanations and examples. Showing you that gratitude can be found in many places.

I hope that the practice of gratitude can help others, the way it has helped me.

Thank you for reading

 LB xx