What defines success to you?

Something has been pushing me hard to do this blog and just over the past few weeks I have been in many conversations where people have been talking themselves down and comparing themselves to others and I have noticed it all comes down to one thing…


Success in the dictionary means “The accomplishment of an aim or purpose”

Is that what success means to you? Now I want you to think about your life. What does success mean TO you? If you achieved something in your life, what makes that success to you? Now don’t think about all the things you are wanting or wishing for. We are talking about right now.

 I want you to imagine yourself as a spirit – looking down on yourself. At this very moment, what have you been through that makes you successful?


Don’t think about societies version of success where we have grown up to know a family includes a Mum & Dad who love each other, get married, have babies, live in a house they make a home and it ends happily ever after or that you run a multi-million dollar company and you have people working for you.

Or the commercialised version example that your hair & makeup is perfect, your body is in shape, you have so many friends and so exciting, adventurous things each day and that you have X amount of followers on Instagram.

The point I am trying to prove is that IT IS UP TO YOU WHAT DEFINES YOUR SUCCESS.

Success is about something you have achieved in your life that is an accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Which could be anything…

Have you fallen in love?

Have you let your guards down?

Have you then had your heart broken?

Have you gotten over that?

Has it made you stronger?

Have you had someone close pass away?

Does that make you appreciate the others around you that little bit more?

Have you been able to live through that?

Would you be able to help people in the future with the experiences you have been through?

Have you studied or are you studying something you love?

So you have put in the hours to learn & grow?

That’s amazing is it not?

You've put on weight?

So your body is responding to the food you've put in & lack of exercise. ( don't take offence ) so this means your body is working! Success.

Have you had children?


Have you got a partner and are in a loving relationship?

Or are you not with someone?

Did it not work out?

Have you learnt about self-worth and what you won’t put up with next time?

Would you really know your self-worth if you didn’t go through that?

If you are still trying to find your self-worth – KEEP LOOKING. IT IS THERE!!!! EVERYONE CAN SEE IT BUT YOU!

Do you have children?

So you have literally given a life to your child?

They now can grow and become whatever they want to be.

The list goes on.

 To me all of that is success, we have all been through something that has made us successful in my eyes.

The aim of this blog is to make you think about your situation and your life.


 Has it been that you have anxiety and you were dreading going to the shops, but you really needed milk? So you did it anyway. You got the milk & you got home. HELL YES, YOU HAVE SUCCEED.

Everyone goes through things, be nice to each person as you don’t know what they are going through and my most important message to you is BE NICE TO YOURSELF you have this life why spend it beating yourself up. Speak to yourself with love & care, the way you would speak to your best friend or child.

Be nice to you.


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