Vision Journals & Boards Explained

Many of us are currently in a lockdown due to covid, so I thought I would share a blog about Vision Journals/Vision Boards. This would be a great activity to do while in lockdown. It’s something that can lift your spirits and it’s something that takes some time to do.    

I’ll start with why people create Vision boards & the power of visualisation. 

From my understanding the law of attraction, is a law of the universe. It suggests that positive thoughts & feelings bring experiences into your life that match what you are feeling.  Example if you are feeling happy, content, grateful and joyful, you will attract people and experiences that match those feelings. Example: you may meet someone who is really nice to you, you may get an awesome car parking spot at the shops, you may get a promotion or win something.

 It is all about the vibration (feelings) we are putting out. The highest vibrations are joy, love, freedom & gratitude. The easiest way to feel grateful and to feel those high feelings is by doing something you love or by focusing on what you have that you are grateful for. (This is where our gratitude journals come into it)

The reason we use visualisation with the law of attraction is because when we visualise things that we are wanting. We imagine ourselves having them. When we believe we have it and it gives us the feelings as if we have it (so joy, happiness, gratitude, excitement) they say that those feelings & the belief attract it to you.

This is a very quick explanation and I really encourage you to do some research on the law of attraction & visualisation before doing a Vision Journal because you really need to understand it yourself, understand why you are doing it and how it works.   

Here are some resources that I like.

  • The Secret – there’s a book and a movie. I feel like this is the easiest way to understand it. It’s very easily explained.
  • Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsh is a book and a movie and it’s my favourite (it isn’t religious). It’s just a really good read and I feel like it explains it well.
  • Abraham Hicks is another one you can youtube or she has audiobooks etc. She talks a lot about vibration, and it can be hard to get your head around, so this is one to listen to if you already have an understanding of the law of attraction.
  • You can also just youtube “law of attraction” and there are endless videos on it.
  • I did do another blog with a friend of mine who I always go to with questions about the law of attraction, he has a lot of knowledge on it. Its here if you would like to read. 

So, let’s get stuck into Vision boards/Vision Journals.

To make a Vision board or journal. (If you have one of our Vision Journals you will have it all set out for you with instructions)

Step 1 – Get the board or journal.

Step 2 – Work out what your goals are. You can start with a couple of things, or you can do headings like career, love, lifestyle, health etc. Then write under them what your goals are.

My tip is to make the goals realistic especially at the start because you have to believe it’s coming.

My second tip is to make a section on your board for gratitude, for things you already have  that you feel grateful for. It’s good to start by looking at that, putting on some of your favourite music and getting those high vibration feelings before going into visualising your goals.

 Step 3 – Work out what pictures you want to choose for each of the goals.

 Step 4 – look for the pictures and print them or get them printed and delivered.

An important tip when picking the photos… You want photos that make you FEEL like you have whatever you are wanting.

So, if it’s for example a car you are wanting. In the past I would actually go to the car yard & sat in the car. I would take a photo from my view of inside the car. I would then use that photo because it brought me the feelings of sitting in it & it was realistic to me. Some of the pictures from the internet are photoshopped. It’s better to find a real-life picture. You could even find one on car sales of the actual car itself. (Without any photoshopping), maybe on a residential street like somewhere you would park it or a photo of inside.


(Image above from Eurekar via google image search)

Another example of something I’ve done in the past…years ago I was visualising a new home. I wanted to feel calm & content in the home. I wanted to feel relaxed. Now when we went to Fiji I remember sitting at this hotel and there was no one around, all I could hear was the wind and the birds.  It was the most perfect temperature. It was pure bliss. This feeling is something I wanted from my home. So, I stuck a photo of me sitting in that position in my vision journal and when I looked at that photo, I imagined the feeling I had when I sat there. Fast forward a few years later and we have found a block of land to build on. When we found it, it was dead silent with only the sounds of the wind & the birds. It took me back to that time and I knew it was it and I felt I had manifested finding it.


If you don’t have any photos, you have taken yourself that’s fine, there are lots of google, pinterest etc.

Step 5 – Once all your pictures are stuck on your board or in your journal. Take the time out each day to visualise. I turn on my favourite music, or music that makes me feel good, that lifts my vibration. I then practice gratitude beforehand by writing in my gratitude journal. I then look at photos on my board of things that make me feel grateful that I already have. I then move on to looking at my goals and imagining myself with that particular thing. I take the time to feel it and see it in my mind.

I also don’t get upset if the goals on my vision board haven’t come in the time I wanted them to or aren’t happening. Sometimes they actually come years on ( like the block of land we found connecting to the Fiji photo ). While I do believe we can manifest our goals. I also believe we need to work towards them and I believe that if they haven't come then maybe its not meant to be and it will make sense later on. 

That sounds a bit contradictory to what I have said in this blog, but that's just what i personally believe. Have fun with it and don't get too caught up in it.

I know visualisation isn’t for everybody, but I feel like this is also a good task to do when you want to work out what your goals. I also know that it can be really hard to be positive when there is a lot going on, during lockdown etc. I actually haven't completed a new Vision board in a year or so now. Just haven't felt up to it but this lockdown has made me want to sort out my goals. So I am inspired to do it.  

Wishing you all the best and for all your goals to come true xx 


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