Our Launch!

Success! We have launched and what a launch it was.

Firstly, thank you so much to every person that ordered a journal. I’m still in shock at the number of orders we received in just a few days, my house turned into a warehouse. In just one day we had ordered all over the dining table, buffet and tv unit. Anywhere we could find a blank surface there was a journal, it was incredible.

Packing each order, I felt proud of my product, the feel, the look, the packaging, the meaning.

It’s just what I had manifested. 

The part I am most excited about is knowing our beautiful customers will be using these books to start and end each day with a grateful heart.

That people will use these books in their daily routine as a positive each day and they mean something to that person’s life.

That’s the part that gives me butterflies.

That’s the part that matters.

I started the I Am Happy, I Am Here Instagram page a few years ago in the hopes to have a community of people discussing the law of attraction, how gratitude has worked for them, lifting each other up, helping each other through things, sharing experiences.

This is the next step for I Am Happy, I Am Here. There are massive things coming and I’d love you to be a part of the community, so stay tuned.

Love LB xx

Our Launch Photo


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