qWelcome to my law of attraction blog! Well, I should say OUR law of attraction blog because when I think of the law of attraction, I think of my beautiful friend Dan who I interviewed for this blog.
WyDan is someoneqgg.     I have known for about 5 years now and he is just incredible. He knows so much about the law of attraction, he knows every answer to every question & I just love picking his brain about it. Dan isn’t someone that goes around talking to people about this all the time, so I feel honoured to be able to get this information from Dan into a blog and share it with you all.

Let's get stuck into it.

Hi Dan, thank you so much for chatting with us today. Can you please explain what the law of attraction is?

Hi Larissa, thank you for such a wonderful introduction! Law of Attraction relates to vibration. We are vibrational beings. At all times, we are putting out a frequency. Our emotions are our best indicator of what that frequency is. This frequency then attracts people and events which are a vibrational match. Like when you are on a roll and you feel terrific and good things keep happening for you. Or when you are having a bad day, and the hits just keep on coming. How we are feeling attracts what we are about to experience. Which is a compelling reason to pay attention to where we are at, and clean up our vibration!

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is the experiential result of the vibration we have omitted. It is occurring whether we are aware of it or not. The art of deliberate creation is when we pay attention to the process and try and attract specific things into our experience.

How do we do it?

When you believe so strongly that you KNOW something will happen, the only step left is to keep your vibration high to prevent any resistance from interfering with the process. By this I mean every time you drop down the emotional scale into anger, sadness, fear etc, you are not a vibrational match to what you are trying to attract. Lower vibrations attract unwanted things. Fortunately, there is a buffer of time in this process, so you can recognise where you are at and make energy corrections by reaching for the best feeling emotion you can achieve.

It is not enough, however, to say to yourself “I will manifest $1000000 dollars” if you can't BELIEVE it will happen. This is why people conclude the Law of Attraction does not work. Mentally wishing for something is not going to manifest it if you do not believe it will happen. If you are having difficulty in aligning with your desires, instead keep them general. Request something that you are comfortable with, that you can BELIEVE will happen. In the case, if money, I simply ask for abundance. It is a term I feel good about, and I do not create a resistance towards receiving.

But again, there is a buffer of time involved. To reduce this buffer, align yourself before asking. Get yourself into your best feeling vibration you can muster. Do this in any way that works for you. A song that uplifts you. Meditation. Time spent with your pets or family. Exercise. And then you need to pay attention to how you feel until it arrives. When you are a vibrational match to your desires and can maintain that vibration long enough to transcend the buffer of time, your manifestation arrives.

This is the second reason people conclude Law of Attraction does not work. They feel good. They believe or have little resistance to the receiving of their desire. They ask. And 10 minutes later they have become annoyed with a fellow motorist or had a fight with their partner and dropped their vibration to a frequency below that of their desire. When the time you are not a match exceeds the time you are, chances are you won't be receiving. The process is not flawed. Rather it is precise.

How does gratitude play a part in all of this?

Gratitude is one of the best ways to elevate our vibration. There are so many things to be grateful for. For myself, when I recognise that I am focused on anything lacking, gratitude is what elevates me right back into receiving mode. I am grateful to be alive today, that I can see, that I can walk, that I have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, clothes to wear, a hot shower, food in my fridge, electricity - the list is endless. I have so much to be thankful for. And focusing on this brings me peace and joy. And this is the vibration I need to maintain to be a match to the desires I wish to manifest.

If we are finding people surrounding us or circumstances to be negative ones, how do we change our mind frame?

Nothing is good or bad except thinking makes it so. Events are neutral. Perception is all. Change your thinking and you change your world. Happiness can be given but never taken away.

When you accept total responsibility for how you react to every situation, you have empowered yourself to take control of your life.

When someone is rude to you, understand THEY are having a bad day, and REFUSE to share it. Why give someone else the power to ruin your shine?

We have no right to expect anyone to be other than themselves for our happiness. You cannot control what anyone thinks or does. You can only control your response.

When I am in alignment, feeling balanced and joyful, I send love to all. Especially those who are not having a good day.

With regards to events, it all comes down to perception. Two people on an aeroplane experiencing turbulence can have two contrasting responses. One may love it, thinking of it like a ride at a theme park, the other may have fearful thoughts of crashing and dying. The event itself is neutral. Once you train yourself towards a glass half full mentality, you are in total control of your happiness.

Can you share some of your experience with us?

Understanding energy has given me so much to be grateful for. There was a position I wanted at work that I was told was impossible to achieve from where I was in the organization. I applied and was told in no uncertain terms it could never happen. Challenge accepted! I put it out to the universe I was prepared to receive. I set no time frame. I envisioned no specific pathway to make it happen. I just saw myself there and worked on keeping my vibration up to be in alignment with what I wanted. It took a year. But miraculously those that said it couldn't be done were removed from the equation, a new group of people became the decision makers, and I am loving my new role.

What is the most amazing law of attraction story that you have?

Recently I began an abundance meditation. Within a month we were part of a syndicate that won Lotto. The shared amount was not retirement ballpark money, but it is funding the overseas trip we were planning. This experience taught me we are drawing upon the power that created Universes. It is my doubt, my resistance, that is the limit of what I am capable of creating. Needless to say, I am cleaning up my vibration further and setting my desires higher.


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