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Ideas to keep your toddler busy in lockdown

Activity ideas for toddlers in lockdown

This is what feels like our 3873924 week in lockdown and my toddler wants to do 28987238972973 activities a day. 

I thought I would write a little blog on things I'm doing to keep him amused in lockdown. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them. Let me know over at @iamhappyiamhere

1. Bubble play. I brought some $1.00 bubbles from Woolworths & this takes up a good 10minutes of our day. 

2. Bubble water play. I purchased some child friendly bubble bath & we sit out the back together and I fill up a container and give him some plastic jugs & containers to play with. He also gives his little sesame street figurines a little bath too. I just sit there and watch him. Ill sometimes put on a podcast or music to keep me amused too. 

3. I have been getting him to "help" me do basically everything around the house. He helps me put the clothes in the washing machine, takes them out and puts them in the basket. He comes outside and plays with the pegs while I hang them up. He helps me put the clothes away. He helps me cook by mixing ingredients, cracking eggs into a bowl etc. Easy things like that. When the postman drives past he comes out with me to get the mail. He likes being involved, mind you it does take 100 times longer but I've got no where to be 😆

4. At the moment in Sydney we can go to parks and walk for exercise. So I sometimes take him to a park and take him in the pram for a walk, or I'll let him walk next to me. 

5. He loves Blippi and Peppa Pig so we watch TV. 

6. Drawing, painting etc. Painting can be messy so I only do that on day's I feel motivated. ( lockdown is hard, so just do what you can & look after your own energy too ) 

7. Play-doh can be fun, you can make it yourself too. 

8. Play with toys. 

9. Make a cubby house with some cushions, pillows, sheets and chairs. 

10. There are amazing pages like @learn.play1 and @everydaytoddlerplay both accounts run by teachers that give great ideas to teach little ones while keeping them busy. 

11. There are activity kits like @handinhandactivitykits and @littlefreddie_au . 

and that's all the ideas I have. Just a reminder that you are doing an amazing job. Lockdowns are really hard, there's no doubt about it. In the thick of it they can feel like they're never ending but just remember it is temporary and it will end, it wont last. You've got this! Always reach out for help if you need it and look after yourself. xx ›


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