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Things to do in lockdown

How to keep busy during lockdown

Unfortunately, we are in lockdown again due to covid. I thought I would put some ideas together on things to do to keep occupied.

  • Big clean out – I feel like this is good to do every now and then. Whether it’s your wardrobe, pantry or the whole house. Now is a good time to get stuck into it. You can even put things you aren’t using on marketplace and try to sell them to make some money back. This usually takes a while to do, so it’s not something I would do on a normal week even though it’s something I want to get around to. You could even take the photos, write the descriptions, work out pricing and then post them when lockdown is over, to make it easier for when they can come and collect the item. 
  • Binge on a Netflix series – this one is probably number one on the list for everyone. When do we usually get the chance to binge watch tv? If you are stuck on what shows to watch, look at the top 10 on Netflix. They are usually pretty good and the most popular of the time.
  • Try out that new recipe you’ve always wanted to!
  • Do a course or research – I’m sure there is something you have always wanted to do. You might have an interest in interior design and have always wanted to learn more. There are short courses on pretty much anything these days and it might be time for you to give it a go. Who knows, you might really enjoy it and want to look at a career change.
  • Play The Sims or another game – I remember when I was younger my friend and I were obsessed with the sims, we would sit on there for hours and play. It was so much fun. I wish I could do it now! But with a toddler its impossible. If you are bored and have lots of memory on your laptop I highly recommend doing it to keep you amused.
  • Make something – there are heaps of kits online for things you can make at home. Examples are diamond dots and paint by numbers. For our lockdown this time, I ordered a clay set from Claytime and I can’t wait to get stuck into it.
  • You could read a book or listen to a podcast.
  • Exercise! I have recently found Fluid Form Pilates which is an online Pilates class. I’m enjoying it. There’s also YouTube workout videos and there are a lot of them! Or you could go for a walk. 
  • Give a friend of family member a phone call to catch up. This might just brighten their day as well.
  • You could have a virtual zoom party with friends. Ive seen people do this recently, they have a trivia night over zoom. It's a good way to catch up with friends while in lockdown. It's also nice seeing their faces and having some laughs with friends or family. 

They are all my ideas! Stay strong during the lockdown everyone. Sending you lots of love....

Before I go, I do want to mention that lockdowns can be very hard for some people.  Please know that you are not alone. Please reach out to a friend/family member or your GP. Someone you trust and don't be afraid to ask for help. There are also organisations like Beyond Blue Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service (1800-512-348), Lifeline (131114) and the kids help line (1800 551 800 ) just to name a few. For more information on looking after your mental health during Covid 19 restrictions here is a link to a government website.


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